Episode 213: AJIT NAWALKHA The Importance of Self-Coaching with Former CEO of Mindvalley


Over the past twelve years, Ajit Nawalkha has founded or co-founded several companies that focus on human transformation, including Mindvalley, Evercoach, and the Dharma Coaching Institute.

Through a combination of live and online keynotes, seminars, and conferences, Ajit Nawalkha teaches, coaches, or facilitates transformations for more than a million people via emails, videos, and podcasts. Over 2,200 individuals have provided testimonials attesting to the benefits of attending one of his programs. 

As a trainer, he educates over 8,700 coaches annually in his methods. Born and raised in India, Ajit grew up in a household with twenty-three other family members. This early experience of sharing space with a large family made him realize that he would need to forge his own path to see different results in life. 

Although societal expectations leaned towards a career in engineering, he knew it wasn't the path for him. Instead, his curiosity led him to the...

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Episode 212: BJORN EKEBERG FlexBeam and the Power of Red and Infrared Light


Bjørn Ekeberg is Co-founder & CEO of Recharge Health, creators of FlexBeam, the world's first targeted infrared therapy device.  

FlexBeam naturally accelerates recovery time for athletes, fitness and strength trainers, and works for all active individuals looking to heal injuries, muscular-skeletal pain or improve their physical energy. 

Bjørn has a highly unusual background. With a PhD in Philosophy of Science, his speaking engagements range from cosmology to health and recovery. He is an unorthodox thinker who likes to challenge the unquestionable and promote newer and better ways of understanding and living.  

The near-infrared technology used by FlexBeam was originally developed by NASA. In-house studies have shown it to deliver a 33% faster recovery after a muscle pull, 75% reduction in muscular-skeletal pain, 40% improvement in strength performance, and a 30% improvement in deep sleep.  

In this episode,...

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Episode 211: DR. MAYA SHETREAT The Healing Power of Psychedelics with Neurologist MD


Maya Shetreat, MD is a neurologist, herbalist, urban farmer, and author of The Dirt Cure and The Master Plant Experience: The Science, Safety and Sacred Ceremony of Psychedelics. 

She has been featured in the New York Times, The Telegraph, NPR, Sky News, The Dr. Oz Show and more. 

Dr. Maya is the founder of the Terrain Institute, where she teaches earth-based programs for transformational healing, including professional training programs for psychedelic-assisted approaches. 

She works and studies with indigenous communities and healers from around the world, and is a lifelong student of ethnobotany, plant healing, and the sacred.

In this episode, Dr. Maya talks about differences between plant medicines and synthetic psychedelics, what microdosing is, and about her new book on psychedelics.

Learn more about Dr. Maya Shetreat and get Quantum Drops here: https://drmaya.com/ 

Instagram: @drmayashetreat 

Get her book...

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Episode 210: CATHARINE ARNSTON Why Algae is the Superfood of Superfoods!


Catharine Arnston is back on the show!

Catharine is an expert on algae nutrition, a wellness thought leader, an experienced entrepreneur and sought after speaker. 

In 2008 Catharine left her corporate job to care for her sister who was diagnosed with breast cancer. When Catharine learned that algae’s vast healing properties were documented in tens of thousands of scientific studies, but none of these studies or benefits were known outside of Asia, she knew she had to do something. And that’s how ENERGYbits was born!

In this episode Catharine shares more of her wisdom about algae as spirulina and chlorella and their effect on energy production, as well as the newly discovered compound called ‘phycocyanin’ and its amazing benefits.

Find out more about ENERGYbits: www.energybits.com

Use coupon code: COACHTARA

Instagram: @energybits

Enjoy the previous conversation with Catharine here: https://www.taragarrison.com/blog/catharinearnston2


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Episode 209: DR. MICHAEL TURNER 5 Life-Changing Truths of Health & Wellness

fitness longevity sleep Jan 26, 2024


Dr. Turner is a graduate of Stanford University, Harvard Medical School and The Mayo Clinic and has treated over 10,000 patients since 2009.

He practices Integrative Medicine in his own national concierge practice, providing personalized approaches (including hormones, sleep, recovery, nutrition, supplements and exercise) to help people achieve their optimal state of health. Called “genuine”, “caring”, and “the best doctor in the world” by patients, he brings a high degree of empathy, trademark optimism, and a holistic approach to patient care.

As a 46-year-old father of 5 children, and CEO of his successful practice, he challenged himself towards optimal health by successfully passing the Navy SEALS fitness test (one of the most difficult in the world).

In this episode, Dr. Michael Turner shares tips on how to improve your VO2 Max, the importance of taking care of your blood vessels and how to do that, benefits...

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Episode 208: JONATHAN MENDOZA Evolving a Wellness Business + Health Optimization Education


Dr. Jonathan Mendoza, better known as "Nurse Doza," is a highly accomplished and well-respected holistic family nurse practitioner and Doctor of Chiropractic.

He is a nationally recognized leader, speaker, educator, and advocate in functional medicine, with a special focus on liver function, metabolic health, inflammation, hormone balance, energy, and personalized supplementation.

Nurse Doza is pioneering the Liver Revolution and believes the key to optimal health and longevity lies in the liver.

In this episode, Jonathan Mendoza shares insights on non alcoholic fatty liver and liver health in general, the importance of reducing stress and optimizing your health.

Learn more about Dr. Mendoza here: http://nursedoza.com/

Use code TARAGARRISON to get a discount on MSW Nutrition's Liver Love: https://www.mswnutrition.com/?ref=CoachTara

Instagram: @nursedoza

Previous podcast with Jonathan Mendoza: https://www.taragarrison.com/blog/jonathanmendoza



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Episode 207: RICARDO MIRANDA Why You Need to Know if You Have a Risky MTHFR Gene


Ricardo Miranda is the CEO of MTHFRdoctors.com. He is a clinician and one of the top researchers in the field of MTHFR genetic mutation.  

With over 28 years of clinical experience, he is able to assess the direct link between MTHFR genetic mutations and health issues. He developed a unique approach combining Functional Medicine, Genetics, Epigenetics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Nutrition and Integrative Medicine diagnostics. 

He has done extensive research in the MTHFR area and with the understanding of multiple disciplines he has coached doctors from all over the country on how to treat patients with MTHFR mutations and methylation issues.  

Ricardo believes that educating and empowering people to take control of their own health is one of the most important gifts he can give to his patients. “The more knowledge people have, the better are the decisions they make about their own health.” With a passion for helping...

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Episode 206: AMANDA KUDA Breaking Up with Alcohol


Amanda Kuda can attest to the fact that you don’t need to have a drinking problem for alcohol to be holding you back.

Like a lot of successful young professionals, her life was a carousel of opportunities to drink that ultimately left her feeling unfulfilled in her spirit, relationships, and career. 

She didn’t hit “rock bottom” or need a recovery program, but she did need a change. 

It was only when Kuda tried Dry January that she realized sobriety was the linchpin to a better life. In a culture that treats alcohol as a cure all to subdue anxiety, grieve, and celebrate, she found that cutting it out helped her and later, her clients feel truly well and finally reach her full potential.

Today, Amanda is an alcohol-free lifestyle expert and coach helping ambitious, soul-centered women stop drinking and start manifesting the life they desire and deserve. 

Amanda’s first book, Unbottled Potential: Break Up With Alcohol...

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Episode 205: MIKE WOODS Reducing Arterial Plaque the Natural Way

chronicpain heartdisease Dec 29, 2023


Mike Woods has been involved in the nutritional supplement space for over thirty years. 

His focus has been on utilizing all natural, organic sources rather than synthetic compounds. His family history and genetic markers linked him with a profoundly higher risk of cardiovascular disease than the average person. 

After thirty years of doing “all the right things”; not smoking or drinking alcohol, vigorous exercise five days per week, consuming a healthy diet including all natural supplements from organically sourced plants, omega 3 fish oils, co-enzyme Q10, niacin, and more, Mike found out that he did, indeed, have advanced coronary artery disease.

This led him on a new quest to discover if there were natural compounds that could dissolve arterial plaques. 

After exhaustive study he implemented a novel protocol in the hopes that it would reverse his cardiovascular disease. After two years advanced cardiovascular testing revealed that he...

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Episode 204: DAVID C. OLCOTT What it Really Takes to be Successful with Success Mentor to Mentors



David C. Olcott is founder, president and CEO of Samurai Success, Inc., an international executive, organizational and personal coaching firm headquartered in Denver, CO.

Throughout his more than 35 years of professional coaching experience, David has worked with numerous individuals, organizations and companies throughout the United States and Hong Kong.

His coaching focuses on developing strategies and structures that provide for sustainable growth and productivity. 

His clients praise his uncanny ability to make complex ideas understandable and to propel them to consistently achieve seemingly out of reach goals.

David is also a nationally known motivational speaker and lecturer. His dynamic and positive approach energizes audiences to move from being a worrier to blossoming into a warrior. 

David is master certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has earned a Bachelor of Science in finance from Florida International University. ...

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