Episode 192: JOE MCCONKEY, MS Pliability for Runners with Expert Running Coach

fitness mobility running Sep 29, 2023


 Joseph McConkey, MS, is a running coach and exercise physiologist, specializing in injury prevention.

He has worked with the full spectrum of running athletes, from first-time runners, to marathoners around the world, to Olympic athletes at the elite high altitude training camps of Ethiopia and Kenya.

He has coached at the club, college, and pro levels and have been the director of the Boston Running Center's Gait Analysis Lab for more than a decade. 

Joseph holds the highest accreditation by the USA Track and Field Association and the IAAF, as well as a Masters in Exercises Science with a focus on Injury Prevention and Sports Performance. He is the author of Pliability for Runners.

In this episode, Joe talks about the importance of pliability for injury prevention and shares tips on how to achieve that.

Learn more about Joe McConkey here: https://bostonrunningcenter.com/coaches.cfm

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