Episode 191: PRINCE DANIELS JR. How Meditation Saved His Life after the NFL


Prince Daniels, Jr. is a former NFL running back turned high performance mentor and author who lives by the mantra: “Nothing is impossible unless you truly believe it is.” 

Born in Houston, Texas currently residing in San Diego, California.

His personal story is one of determination and a true-to-life testimony that anything is possible. His football career began as a walk-on for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, where he earned his degree in Business Management.

Soon after that, he was drafted in the fourth round of the 2006 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens as the 132nd overall pick, but eventually suffered a career ending injury. As a consequence of this, he developed a lifetime skill, one that can make a difference in the world. A skill that saved his life, a tool that gave him clarity in seeing his vision. The key to HQT. Higher quality thoughts: Meditation.

Using meditation as the primary tool for recovery from his depression and loss of...

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Episode 190: DR. HEATHER WILDE Incorporating Soul Healing into Functional Medicine


Dr. Heather Wilde is Ivy League educated, an accomplished diagnostician and functional medicine practitioner. She is an Elite Results Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis. 

Dr. Wilde believes that there are three main drivers of disease, stress, inflammation and toxicity. The greatest health success comes when all three are effectively addressed. She designed the Wilde Vitality Detoxification program to effectively educate and empower people to make a change in their behaviors, with effective lifestyle and dietary interventions that help them heal.

Advanced laboratory testing is also offered to get to the individual biological issues driving the health problems people are experiencing. Together, people experience a deeper appreciation, and connection with their health, life, and body.

In this episode, Dr. Wilde shares her insights into the mind-body connection, how childhood trauma can affect us as adults, about stubborn fat issues and the power...

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Episode 189: DANIELLE HAMILTON How Healthy Blood Sugar and Digestion Change the Game


Danielle Hamilton is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Restorative Wellness Practitioner who specializes in blood sugar regulation & digestion.

She became interested in blood sugar issues when she learned that Insulin Resistance was at the root of her PCOS. She was able to reverse her PCOS, cystic acne, PMS & weight loss resistance by reversing Insulin Resistance. 

Her mission is to help others uncover their blood sugar & insulin issues (as most people don't know the early signs), as well as help them optimize digestion for low-carb diets. 

Dani promotes a holistic approach to reversing Insulin Resistance which goes beyond just changing macros. She is the host of the Unlock the Sugar Shackles Podcast and the creator of the Blood Sugar Mastery Program.

In this episode, Danielle explains in simple terms how high blood sugar can be detrimental to health, what symptoms to look out for, how to track it and what to do to reverse...

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Episode 188: DR. REINER KRAFT, PhD: A Scientific Approach to Measuring Mindfulness


Dr. Reiner Kraft, PhD, is a seasoned technology leader, engineer, scientist, technical advisor, trainer, executive leadership, micronutrients expert, human potential coach, and teacher who shares transformative principles of presence, mind-management, and biohacking using the latest science of epigenetics. 

During his tech career, he spent 20 years in the Silicon Valley and the past 6 years in Berlin, Germany, working for top high-tech companies (e.g., IBM Research, Yahoo, Zalando) and startups while exploring novel approaches to leadership and new work methodologies to build purposeful and impactful organizations. 

He is considered a top innovator with more than 120 U.S. patents, making him one of the most prolific inventors in Silicon Valley. Both IBM Research and Yahoo recognized him as a Master Inventor. The prestigious MIT Technology Review (TR 100) in 2003 also nominated him as a top innovator under the age of 30 to shape the world.

As a founder...

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Episode 187: NICK KOMODINA The Healthy Path to Wealthy


Nick specializes in helping people generate wealth by mastering themselves first. 

He teaches principles, not formulas. 

“Business Energetics & Self Mastery: the way in which you operate that is attracting either the good or the bad into your business. The bad can be categorized as; scarcity, lack of authority in your space, low/no leads, poor client retention, constant objections on sales calls, marketing that doesn't seem to connect with people, constant stress around money etc. 

By aligning the proper energetics in yourself and business you will see an instant shift in leads flowing to you, perfectly aligned clients that turn into raving brand advocates and send endless referrals, clients marketing for you. You will begin to generate life changing wealth as you recalibrate yourself to a high value business run with the proper energetics.”

Check out Nick’s Impakt Legacy Mastermind - monthly coaching container to help...

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Episode 186: JACK SAVAGE Everyday Dose: Maybe Your Brain Doesn’t Just Need Caffeine?

biohacking nootropics Aug 18, 2023


As someone who’s always had trouble focusing, Jack Savage was prescribed stimulants at the age of 5 until high blood pressure gave cause for serious concern. He quit cold turkey and started drinking lots of coffee. After 1-2 hours of ineffective energy, he’d crash or if he drank too much, he’d feel jittery and anxious. That’s when he started researching biohacking, nutrition and functional mushrooms.

Jack found that basically all mushrooms are magical, especially when combined with nootropics. This led him to the ingredients in Everyday Dose, which have allowed him to regain control of his life for the first time. It became his mission to help others also transform their lives by making everyday products healthier and upgrading the way we energize.

In this episode Jack tells his story about how we went stimulants-free, how Ketamine works and how he created his coffee to be different from the rest.  

Learn more about Everyday Dose...

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Episode 185: DR. THOMAS HEMINGWAY What a Healthy Lifestyle Actually Looks Like

guthealth parenting sleep Aug 11, 2023


Thomas Hemingway MD is a holistic and integrative Medical Doctor who lives and shares his philosophy of PREVENTION over PRESCRIPTION. He is passionate about Natural Health and Healing through Simple, yet Powerful Daily Practices which can be LIFE SAVING.

His book, “PREVENTABLE! 5 Powerful Practices to Avoid Disease and Build Unshakeable Health” describes the foundational principles of creating solid lifelong health.

He also loves sharing this message in his top rated health podcast “Modern Medicine Movement” where he is known for distilling down the latest medical knowledge and science into easily digestible and actionable steps which can change our lives in the present AND the future.

He is also a husband, and proud father to 6 wonderful humans with whom he enjoys spending time outdoors surfing, snowboarding, skiing, hiking, skateboarding, mountaineering and playing tennis.

Dr. Thomas has the goal of saving 100 million lives by optimizing...

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Episode 184: WAYNE ALTMAN Take Charge of Your Mood with Binaural Beats and Solfeggio Frequencies


Wayne Altman suffers from tinnitus and was looking for a relief when he became aware of binaural beats. He noticed that the only way he could stop experiencing extreme ringing in both ears was when he listened to specific tones of music.

After failing to find what he needed on existing subscription sites, Wayne began collecting appropriate tracks from producers all over the world in dozens of different styles to suit any musical taste. Melody Cloud was born, specializing in binaural beats, music, guided meditations, audio books, solfeggio, nature sounds, calming, and relaxation sounds. 

Melody Clouds now has 8000 hours of Solfeggio, Binaural Beats, Guided Meditation, and 16,967 audiobooks all designed to relax and educate and translated into over 100 different languages, and its membership spans across the globe.

In this episode, Wayne explains the power of binaural beats, solfeggio frequencies and meditation and talks about how his Melody Clouds service can...

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Episode 183: PAUL AUSTIN Microdosing Psychedelics with Founder of The Third Wave


Paul F. Austin is one of the most prominent voices in the world of psychedelics.

As the founder of Third Wave, he has educated millions on the importance of safe and effective psychedelic experiences. A pioneer at the intersection of microdosing, personal transformation, and professional success, he has been featured in Forbes, Rolling Stone, and the BBC's Worklife

Paul helps others use microdosing as a tool for professional development and increased self-awareness by treating the use of psychedelics as a skill refined through mentorship and courageous exploration.

Learning how to master this skill will be crucial in the story of humanity’s present-future evolution.

In this episode, Paul and Tara discuss the benefits of microdosing and how psychedelics have helped both of them in their journeys to a healthy mindset.

Learn more about The Third Wave here and take the Microdosing mini course: https://thethirdwave.co/

Instagram: @thirdwaveishere

Check out...

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Episode 182: ROWENA GATES The Power of Healthy Protein Folding in Your Body

biohacking mitochondria Jul 21, 2023


 Rowena Gates is a principal at Eng3 Corporation. She helped launch Eng3’s NanoVi technology and currently oversees business development for its use in health, wellness, and performance. 

Rowena has been a serial entrepreneur since 1995 when she co-founded one of the earliest companies to offer an Internet-based solution to the logistics industry. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Washington for her work on international strategic alliances and regional economic development.

While her collaborative approach remains, her focus has shifted from the economic wellbeing of regions to the health and wellness of individuals.

In this episode, Rowena chats with Tara about light frequencies, mitochondrial health and the NanoVi product that helps enable the correct protein folding in the body.

Learn more about NanoVi here: http://www.eng3corp.com/tara

Instagram: @eng3corp


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