Learn Why Keto Is a Smart Move, and Why Bringing Carbs Back After A Keto Phase Is, Too.


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Short Term Keto teaches the benefits of a ketogenic diet, but the purpose of the book is to show you how to intelligently reincorporate carbs after a keto phase, so it doesn't include keto recipes.
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When To Come Off Keto & How To Do It


My history with low carb/keto, what happened when I brought carbs back in (went from 18% to 12% body fat- dexa scanned, felt better, workouts got better, etc), and the “intervention from the universe” ;) story on why I started teaching people to consider bringing carbohydrates back in, even as a ketogenic diet specialist, in 2018.


Chapter 1: Why keto was a smart move

  •  Why I think you should do keto
  •  Benefits of a ketogenic diet
  •  Client success stories with keto


Chapter 2: Why bring carbs back & when

  •  How keto serves as a pathway to restore healthy carbohydrate metabolism
  •  What can go wrong if you stay keto too long
  •  Benefits of carbohydrates and why you might consider them after a keto phase
  •  Restoring your relationship with carbs after keto
  •  What biofeedback to look for when reintroducing carbohydrates 


Chapter 3: How to bring carbs back in & how to match your workouts

  •  A case for carbohydrates: health benefits of carbs
  •  How to know if/when it’s the right time for you to reintroduce carbohydrates
  •  All carbs are not created equal- types of carbohydrates to bring back in and why that changes everything
  •  How to time carbohydrate consumption for maximizing body composition and athletic performance
  •  Figuring out how many carbs you need
  •  What to watch for as you reintroduce carbohydrates
  •  30 Day Plan reintroducing carbohydrates


Chapter 4: Where to go from here- Metabolic flexibility TKD, CKD, OMAD

  •  Navigating between keto and carbs for metabolic flexibility and long term metabolic health
  •  Nutritional approaches that support using the full spectrum of your metabolism:
    •  Intermittent Fasting
    •  OMAD: One Meal a Day
    •  TKD: Targeted Ketogenic Diet
    •  CKD: Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

- Everyone is different: listening to your body on where you feel optimal