Episode 197: JOHN JAMES SANTANGELO, PhD: Transforming Your Life with Neuro Linguistic Programming


John James Santangelo PhD is an expert in behavioral change work, a clinical hypnotherapist, NLP trainer and author of 8 books. He is founder and head trainer of Los Angeles' Premier NLP Training Center. 

A personal and professional training company dedicated to helping people unleash their natural capability, clarify their goals, and overcome their mental roadblocks so they can produce outstanding results. 

John has worked with companies such as The Learning Annex, Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept., Mary Kay Inc, Multiple-Sclerosis Society, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Well-Point, Xerox, RE/MAX Realtors, the Teamsters Union, and post 9/11 as head trainer teaching lie-detection skills to the US Army counter-intelligence team. 

In this episode, John shares some useful mindset shifts, observations and habits that will help you apply NLP to everyday life to achieve the results that you want. 


00:01:42 - What NLP...

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Episode 196: ROSEMARY CESCOLINI Women Supporting Women in Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship mindset Oct 27, 2023


Raised by immigrant parents who instilled the value of education, Rosemary Cescolini broke barriers as the first in her family to graduate from university and pursue a rewarding career in teaching. 

However, after working within the education system she decided to seek a new path. She made the courageous decision to enter the male-dominated industry of manufacturing.  

Alongside her husband's family business, which manufactured wood doors, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Driven by curiosity and a desire to contribute to the family business, Rosemary dedicated herself to mastering the art of manufacturing handcrafted wood doors in Ontario.  

Despite initially lacking knowledge in the field, she overcame the barriers through determination and training.  

Now Rosemary is on a new path, where she shows other future female leaders how to follow their passions and become titans of industry! 

In this episode, Rosemary and Tara...

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Episode 191: PRINCE DANIELS JR. How Meditation Saved His Life after the NFL


Prince Daniels, Jr. is a former NFL running back turned high performance mentor and author who lives by the mantra: “Nothing is impossible unless you truly believe it is.” 

Born in Houston, Texas currently residing in San Diego, California.

His personal story is one of determination and a true-to-life testimony that anything is possible. His football career began as a walk-on for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, where he earned his degree in Business Management.

Soon after that, he was drafted in the fourth round of the 2006 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens as the 132nd overall pick, but eventually suffered a career ending injury. As a consequence of this, he developed a lifetime skill, one that can make a difference in the world. A skill that saved his life, a tool that gave him clarity in seeing his vision. The key to HQT. Higher quality thoughts: Meditation.

Using meditation as the primary tool for recovery from his depression and loss of...

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Episode 187: NICK KOMODINA The Healthy Path to Wealthy


Nick specializes in helping people generate wealth by mastering themselves first. 

He teaches principles, not formulas. 

“Business Energetics & Self Mastery: the way in which you operate that is attracting either the good or the bad into your business. The bad can be categorized as; scarcity, lack of authority in your space, low/no leads, poor client retention, constant objections on sales calls, marketing that doesn't seem to connect with people, constant stress around money etc. 

By aligning the proper energetics in yourself and business you will see an instant shift in leads flowing to you, perfectly aligned clients that turn into raving brand advocates and send endless referrals, clients marketing for you. You will begin to generate life changing wealth as you recalibrate yourself to a high value business run with the proper energetics.”

Check out Nick’s Impakt Legacy Mastermind - monthly coaching container to help...

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Episode 183: PAUL AUSTIN Microdosing Psychedelics with Founder of The Third Wave


Paul F. Austin is one of the most prominent voices in the world of psychedelics.

As the founder of Third Wave, he has educated millions on the importance of safe and effective psychedelic experiences. A pioneer at the intersection of microdosing, personal transformation, and professional success, he has been featured in Forbes, Rolling Stone, and the BBC's Worklife

Paul helps others use microdosing as a tool for professional development and increased self-awareness by treating the use of psychedelics as a skill refined through mentorship and courageous exploration.

Learning how to master this skill will be crucial in the story of humanity’s present-future evolution.

In this episode, Paul and Tara discuss the benefits of microdosing and how psychedelics have helped both of them in their journeys to a healthy mindset.

Learn more about The Third Wave here and take the Microdosing mini course: https://thethirdwave.co/

Instagram: @thirdwaveishere

Check out...

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Episode 181: KRISTINA MAND-LAKHIANI Becoming Flawsome vs Constantly Trying to "Fix" Yourself

emotionalhealth mindset Jul 14, 2023


Kristina Mand-Lakhiani is an entrepreneur, international speaker, and artist. As a co-founder of Mindvalley, she brings her female perspective into the company leadership. As an advocate for happiness within, she takes her kids on trips to the Amazon Jungle to recharge or joins groups of entrepreneurs, such as Maverick1000 on Richard Branson’s Necker Island. 

In this episode, Kristina spills the beans on her new book 'The Art of Being Flawsome', and her perspective on people trying to fix themselves.

Learn more about Kristina and get her book The Art Of Being Flawsome here: https://kristinamand.com/

Instagram: @kristinamand



00:01:58 - where the idea came for writing the book 'The Art of Being Flawsome' and what 'flawsome' stands for 

00:11:05 - what is unconditional love?

00:22:36 - what about flaws in us?

00:31:47 - trying to fix yourself for the world vs. being just you

00:41:54 -...

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Episode 179: CASON READ How Presence in Nature Can Transform Your Entire Life


Cason is the founder of Offline Aloha, a digital detox retreat experience on the Big Island of Hawaii, in which he helps people disconnect from the busy mind and digital world, and connect more deeply with the natural world and their higher selves, while having the time of their lives dancing, playing in the ocean, eating locally grown food, meeting conscious people, and remembering that life is meant to be enjoyed.

“From Utah to Hawaii. 

From corporate to yogi. 

From judgement to love. 

From comparison to acceptance. 

From fear to love.

From reaction to observance. 

From smartphone to flip phone. 

We become what we feed our minds… feed it wonders of love. 

Happiness is already in us…

When we slow down our minds and be with what is with suspending any judgements comes freedom in our minds. 

It’s radical self acceptance of your true beautiful self. Suspending any judgement that follows. 


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Episode 177: DR. PATRICK PORTER, PhD: Enhancing Meditation Benefits with BrainTap


Dr. Patrick K. Porter, PhD, is an award-winning author/speaker and the founder of BrainTap®, the leader in technology-enhanced meditation.

Dr. Porter pioneered the use of brainwave entrainment to improve clarity, sleep & energy, and remains at the forefront of scientific research. He founded BrainTap with the goal of making this technology accessible to everyone. BrainTap offers over 1800 original audio sessions in 12 languages and serves a worldwide user base with its mobile app and headset. 

Dr. Porter has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, People, Entrepreneur, INC and on ABC, NBC, CBS as an expert in brain health & wellness, and in 2020, Dr. Porter received the IAFNR lifetime achievement award. 

In this episode, Dr. Porter shares the many ways you can use the BrainTap headset and App to optimize your overall health.

Learn more about Dr. Porter here: http://www.braintap.com/, http://www.drpatrickporter.com/

Read up on research on...

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Episode 176: CHRISTIN COLLINS Letting Go When Life Isn’t Feeling Aligned Anymore

mindset Jun 09, 2023


Christin Collins is a magnetic, thought- provoking influencer inspiring thousands to connect with their purpose, ultimate joy and love.

As a former health care executive, she thought that she was doing everything she could to live a vibrant and healthy life; still her health struggled.

Her relentless pursuit to improve herself has led her to open her heart to the world and share the lessons she has learned along the way – from better health and healing, to connecting people through her creative charity and community involvement.

In her new book, Christin takes us on her non-traditional journey to uncover the root cause of her ailments. Along the way, she discovers that knowing and loving herself is essential to good health; and the foundation for optimal well-being.

In this episode, Tara and Christin chat about instances in life where letting go helped them and clients get back into alignment and about Christin’s book ‘Her Phoenix Rising’....

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Episode 168: SHELLY LEFKOE Which Beliefs are Holding You Back?


Shelly Lefkoe is the co-founder of the Lefkoe Institute, a San Francisco Bay Area firm whose mission is “to significantly improve the quality of life on the planet."

Shelly has helped thousands of clients worldwide recreate their lives by ridding themselves of a wide variety of problems including phobias, relationships that never seem to work, violence, procrastination, unwillingness to confront people, health and wellness issues, and sexual dysfunction. Her clients have eliminated emotional patterns such as fear, hostility, shyness, anxiety, depression, worry about what people think of them, and a negative sense of themselves.

Her programs have reached over 150,000 people worldwide. Her work has been featured on the Today Show, Leeza, and many other media outlets.

Shelly is an international keynote speaker and workshop leader.

In this episode, Shelly Lefkoe talks about how she helps people shift old beliefs to create change in their life.

Learn more about...

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