Episode 174: ERIC PERNER How Only Eating Plants Harms Our Planet & Why Regenerative Agriculture is Critical


Eric Perner spent most of his early life and career on horseback learning the craft and trade of equine athletic competitions at the highest level. 

After competing nationwide as a professional journeymen jockey for 10 years he retired and completed his Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Tulsa, he has since received his Professional Engineering license and served in multiple executive roles in the O&G industry. 

Later he moved on from the extractive O&G industry and became a full time cattle rancher, Co-Founder/CEO of REP Provisions, a direct to consumer supplier of locally raised regenerative meats from local family farms, and COO of Rebellion Energy Solutions, a company focusing on the plugging of leaking O&G wells and the restoration of these lands to regenerative landscapes. 

He uses his diverse skill sets to develop unique environmental solutions in the Energy Industry and for various problems facing agriculture....

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Episode 171: JENNIFER MAYNARD Heal the Soil, Heal the People with Nutritional Game Changer


Jennifer Maynard is the CEO and co-founder of Nutrition for Longevity, a nutrition company focused on improved health span and disease prevention and management through Food as Medicine.

After a successful career and spending 20+ years in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical arena, she decided to shift pace and focus on Food as Medicine. 

This was after her job took her on a journey to live 3 years in Germany and 3 years in Switzerland, to travel to many countries in Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. More than anything she was struck by the complete contracts in the food systems she saw around the world, when compared to the US food model. 

So, Jennifer decided the area of nutrition in the US needed more focus, more science backing, so she decided to take her science background and executive knowledge from Pharma and focus her efforts on bringing Food as Medicine to life in the US.

She met Dr. Valter Longo and appreciated the extensive research he had...

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Episode 146: BOB JONES Bringing Health Back to Our Plants at the Chef's Garden


As so many farmers do, Bob Jones wears many hats, but they all serve to enhance the family's regenerative farming practices that have made the farm one of the most innovative and well respected in the world.

He is a co-owner and chief executive officer of The Chef’s Garden, which has always been family owned and devoutly committed to its pioneering efforts to grow exceptional vegetables.

Bob champions the farm team’s cutting edge food safety and food quality programs, which make the flavorful products grown in the healthy soil at The Chef’s Garden some of the most reliably healthy and nutritionally dense fresh vegetables in the industry.

In this episode, Bob Jones educates us on the fascinating symbiosis of nature and how it translates into the highest quality, nutrient-dense foods he grows at Chef’s Garden.

Learn more about Chef’s Garden here: https://www.chefs-garden.com/


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