Episode 137: JENNIFER KAUFFMAN Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Heals More than She Bargained For


 On April 15, 2013, the Boston Marathon witnessed a horrific event, 5 people died and 264 people were seriously injured from the bombings.

Jennifer was one of them. In an instant, her whole world was shattered. Surviving a terrorist attack led her to ask the question: “What good can possibly come from this?”

On her 4 year journey of healing, she discovered she had to stare at herself in the mirror and forgive her own inner terrorist.

When she was asked to present as a witness to prosecute her attacker in court she experienced an overwhelming sense of peace when she stared her attacker in the eyes and forgave him.

Knowing she had to come full circle, Jennifer fearlessly ran the 2017 Boston Marathon. This time she finished it. The terrorist attack became the greatest gift of her life.

Jennifer is the producer of 2 Emmy award-winning films, an award-winning documentary, ‘A New Leash On Life’, an Emmy nominated broadway show ‘Dream...

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