Episode 205: MIKE WOODS Reducing Arterial Plaque the Natural Way

chronicpain heartdisease Dec 29, 2023


Mike Woods has been involved in the nutritional supplement space for over thirty years. 

His focus has been on utilizing all natural, organic sources rather than synthetic compounds. His family history and genetic markers linked him with a profoundly higher risk of cardiovascular disease than the average person. 

After thirty years of doing “all the right things”; not smoking or drinking alcohol, vigorous exercise five days per week, consuming a healthy diet including all natural supplements from organically sourced plants, omega 3 fish oils, co-enzyme Q10, niacin, and more, Mike found out that he did, indeed, have advanced coronary artery disease.

This led him on a new quest to discover if there were natural compounds that could dissolve arterial plaques. 

After exhaustive study he implemented a novel protocol in the hopes that it would reverse his cardiovascular disease. After two years advanced cardiovascular testing revealed that he...

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