Episode 127: BRONSON DANT Experienced Coach Shares How the Carnivore Diet Changed His Game

carnivore fitness keto mindset Jul 08, 2022


Bronson Dant has been coaching and training people in health and fitness for almost 10 years. 

He opened his own CrossFit gym in 2014. As a gym owner, helping people with their overall health and fitness, Bronson developed several programs to improve his client’s quality of life and physical freedom consistently and sustainably.

In 2018 Bronson discovered the secret to extreme optimization of his metabolic health and performance. Since then, he has designed specific methods to use both nutrition and fitness to radically improve the lives of hundreds of people all over the world.

In this episode, Bronson and Tara chat about their coaching experiences, what they’re learning are the biggest dial-movers for people and how Bronson got into the keto carnivore lifestyle. Plus, CrossFit, functional movement and much more!

Learn more about Bronson here: https://apxts.com

Instagram: @coach_bronson_keto

Check out The APEX Training System here: https://bit.ly/3xJAcy4

Get The Ultimate Ketogenic Fitness Book here: https://amzn.to/3ygzPeA



00:02:36 How Bronson got into keto & carnivore 

00:05:49 What having IBS is like 

00:07:54 In which cases Tara implements a carnivore protocol with her clients 

00:12:31 The impact carnivore has had on Bronson’s fitness

00:15:22 Which macronutrient people are undereating

00:16:12 The best strategy to adhere to when switching to a healthy lifestyle

00:21:54 The mental process that will help you get results

00:27:28 The unexpected reason why Tara got into fitness

00:32:41 Why you might want to consider switching from chicken to beef or lamb

00:36:57 Nutrient absorption on a vegan diet

00:41:49 How to honor your body’s natural signals in a healthy way

00:47:36 Why mind-muscle connection is important

00:51:55 What’s helpful to know about CrossFit



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