Episode 169: DR. HAROLDO MAGARINOS All About the Oral & Gut Microbiomes with Biological Dentist & Naturopathic Doctor


Dr. Haroldo Magarinos is a Chilean dentist specializing in Periodontics, Oral Medicine, and Implantology.

After over a decade of conventional practice and university teaching, he decided to pursue his passion and become a board-certified naturopathic doctor in 2018.

He also specialized in Integrative Biological Dental Medicine, Homeopathy, Live blood analysis, Peptide therapy, and Advanced Clinical Ozone therapy.

Dr. Haroldo has long been a strong advocate for studying the human microbiome, firmly believing that treating patients with dysbiosis can prevent and even reverse many prevalent forms of chronic disease.

He currently works as a clinical consultant in microbiome metagenomic analysis for Microbiome Labs and is the co-founder and director of Revolution Gut Health, an online platform that offers coaching services to everyone who wants to learn and improve microbiome-related health conditions.

In this episode, Dr. Haroldo Magarinos shares his tips on...

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