Episode 186: JACK SAVAGE Everyday Dose: Maybe Your Brain Doesn’t Just Need Caffeine?

biohacking nootropics Aug 18, 2023


As someone who’s always had trouble focusing, Jack Savage was prescribed stimulants at the age of 5 until high blood pressure gave cause for serious concern. He quit cold turkey and started drinking lots of coffee. After 1-2 hours of ineffective energy, he’d crash or if he drank too much, he’d feel jittery and anxious. That’s when he started researching biohacking, nutrition and functional mushrooms.

Jack found that basically all mushrooms are magical, especially when combined with nootropics. This led him to the ingredients in Everyday Dose, which have allowed him to regain control of his life for the first time. It became his mission to help others also transform their lives by making everyday products healthier and upgrading the way we energize.

In this episode Jack tells his story about how we went stimulants-free, how Ketamine works and how he created his coffee to be different from the rest.  

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