Episode 187: NICK KOMODINA The Healthy Path to Wealthy


Nick specializes in helping people generate wealth by mastering themselves first. 

He teaches principles, not formulas. 

“Business Energetics & Self Mastery: the way in which you operate that is attracting either the good or the bad into your business. The bad can be categorized as; scarcity, lack of authority in your space, low/no leads, poor client retention, constant objections on sales calls, marketing that doesn't seem to connect with people, constant stress around money etc. 

By aligning the proper energetics in yourself and business you will see an instant shift in leads flowing to you, perfectly aligned clients that turn into raving brand advocates and send endless referrals, clients marketing for you. You will begin to generate life changing wealth as you recalibrate yourself to a high value business run with the proper energetics.”

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