Three New Years Resolutions You Can Stick to and Get Massive Results

fasting fatloss training Dec 09, 2019

Here are my top 3 big hitters on how to completely change your body and your life in 2020!

These simple, actionable steps will change the game:

1. Intermittent Fasting

Why is it so effective?

Mentally: It lays out clear parameters so you eliminate the “should I or shouldn’t I?” mental back and forth that will derail your nutrition goals eventually. You make the rule once, kick decision fatigue to the curb, and adapt to an extremely maintainable lifestyle. Soon it becomes second nature.

Physically: It allows your body the time it needs to use up the energy from the food you’ve given it and tap into your fat stores. This has powerful, positive long-term effects on blood sugar management, one of the biggest players in maintaining a healthy body weight. I recommend a 16:8 Intermittent Fasting window, meaning you eat within an eight-hour window each day and don’t eat the other 16.

2. Exercise Every Day

Sound like a lot to take on? Here’s why it’s actually easier in the long run:

Mentally: When you have a set time every day that you exercise, you eliminate choice, making it a habit. It’s now part of your daily routine. It’s part of your life. It becomes so normal that you would feel weird not exercising. Constantly trying to “squeeze it in” “if you have time” is actually more stressful. You don’t have to go hard every day (and probably shouldn’t), so on days you need more recovery, just do something simple like walking on a treadmill. But do NOT skip it.

Physically: When we consistently exercise at the same time each day, our bodies adapt and release a chemical cascade over the course of the day necessary to keep our circadian rhythm in sync. Exercise first thing in the morning is ideal for this reason. It improves mental clarity, focus, mood and sleep. Our bodies were designed to move. When we don’t, we suffer. We barely move the other 23 hours, we can, and should, dedicate one hour a day to moving.

3. Develop a Morning Routine

It doesn’t need to be complicated. But here’s why it can change your life:

Mentally: You are starting the day saying, “I’m running this show, it’s not running me.” Stay away from your phone and choose a morning routine that will have the biggest impact on your life. For me that is: 10 minutes of meditation, 30 minutes of personal development work/journaling, 10 minutes of daily planning. I’m a single mom of 4, I run my own business and I am not a natural morning person or planner, but this practice has profoundly changed my life. If I can do it, you can do it. Once you make the commitment, you eliminate choice. I know that 4:15 a.m. alarm is coming hell or high-water, so my life has adapted to it. And it’s now the most cherished part of my entire day.

Physically: Just like daily exercise, when your body knows what to expect: what time to wake up and get going, what time to start winding down and what time to go to bed, your neurochemicals and hormones get into a rhythm that allows you to feel happier, have more energy and lose fewer days to grogginess and low mood.

If you put these 3 tactics into your daily routine, you will look at your life a year from now and be shocked at the progress you’ve made not only in your fitness but in your personal and professional life as well.

Action Items:

1. What is your eating window going to be for intermittent fasting?

2. What time are you going to the gym every day?

3. What time do you need to wake up to make your morning routine happen?

Change your life! Plan it or it will never happen! 




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