Episode 213: AJIT NAWALKHA The Importance of Self-Coaching with Former CEO of Mindvalley


Over the past twelve years, Ajit Nawalkha has founded or co-founded several companies that focus on human transformation, including Mindvalley, Evercoach, and the Dharma Coaching Institute.

Through a combination of live and online keynotes, seminars, and conferences, Ajit Nawalkha teaches, coaches, or facilitates transformations for more than a million people via emails, videos, and podcasts. Over 2,200 individuals have provided testimonials attesting to the benefits of attending one of his programs. 

As a trainer, he educates over 8,700 coaches annually in his methods. Born and raised in India, Ajit grew up in a household with twenty-three other family members. This early experience of sharing space with a large family made him realize that he would need to forge his own path to see different results in life. 

Although societal expectations leaned towards a career in engineering, he knew it wasn't the path for him. Instead, his curiosity led him to the realm of personal development and human potential. Today, he resides in Austin, Texas, with his wife, son, and daughter.

While his passion lies in building companies and coaching individuals, he finds daily nourishment in cooking breakfast for his family. Ajit is always on the lookout for more effective and efficient ways to live life, prioritizing joy and freedom. Above all, he values the quiet moments spent with his family amid a busy and chaotic life.

In this episode, Ajit Nawalkha shares his story about being overwhelmingly successful by age 31 and being unhappy, how he shifted out of it, why he values ‘self-coaching' so much, and tools that can help you make important decisions in life and business.

Learn more about Ajit here: https://coachajit.com/ & https://www.evercoach.com/

Instagram: @realcoachajit



0:00 Intro

1:20 Mindvalley 

4:25 The biggest transformation happens between coaching sessions

8:24 The uncomfortable moment of self awareness and the value of defining who you are

17:54 The moment of truth Ajit's young son brought about that woke him up

22:48 The difference between people who are able to self coach and those who aren't

32:50 People become bitter not because of age

40:00 Different types of business Ajit has

43:42 Useful tools that you can use in life and business














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