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HIGHER COACHING: Health + Mindset

-Work with Tara directly

-Customized Training and Nutrition Plan

-Weekly Checkins

-1:1 Calls with Tara

- Unlimited texting with Tara

- Lab Tests & Biohacking Tools

-Personal Development Program

-Higher Morning Routine

-Private group only for Tara's 1:1 clients for mutual growth

-Weekly Mindset Monday zoom call with Tara

-Weekly "Wants & Wins" accountability zoom call with Tara on Fridays

-Transformation from the inside out

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Level Up™

-New training plan each month

-New nutrition plan each month

-New mindset plan each month

-Goes for 12 months

-Private community with people going through the program at the same time as you

-Access to Tara in the group with any questions

-Cancel yourself anytime

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Coach Tara App



-Full lifting + HIIT workouts led by Coach Tara

-At-Home and Gym Workouts

-Nutrition Guidance: Keto or Balanced Macros

-Recipe Library

-Demo Video Library

-Mindset Journey Meditations

-Biohacking Guidance

-Organized Library of Tara's Tiktok Workouts

-Commenting & forums to interact with Coach Tara

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Digital Programs

-Keto In & Out

-Keto Programs

-Low Carb Programs

-Bikini Body

-Diastasis Recti & Pelvic Floor Program

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Check Out HIGHER Retreat in Maui in 2023!

The 4 Peaks Retreats are in-person, immersive experiences dedicated to one of the 4 Peaks of Higher: Personal, Physical, Professional, and People. The goal is to create a deep paradigm shift in how you view your body, your health, and your connection to Mother Earth, as so beautifully illustrated in ancient Hawaiian culture.


  • Why Tara says to do keto, but not forever
  • 4-week meal plan to find your unique carbohydrate threshold
  • Full training plan to match your meal plan

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